My name is Jareset Lagunas and I am currently a Art & Design student at the University of St. Francis. I am a first gen Mexican American Artist from Chicago. My main medium is abstract photography but I hope to shift my main focus to black and white photography. I aim to incorporate what I’ve learned from qualified artist and my own experiences growing up in the city, into my art. I started photographing at a young age with a disposable camera. Although I wanted to keep photographing I had to stop because my mom could not afford getting the film developed. I think not being able to take pictures and missing out on photographing memories is what encouraged me to be a photographer. I stated to take free after school photography class at non-profit organization called Marwen. The teachers there were amazing and helped me start my journey with a digital camera. Through Marwen I got an internship at InTuIt Chicago. I was able to learn so much about outsider artist and one specific manager inspired me to explore art culture further. I am still on a journey of exploring art while also expanding my own. Through the help of those around as well as my own experiences I hope to create my own signature art pieces.